New piano scores for "The Last Emperor" and "Gui" are now available!

Ryuichi Sakamoto's official score store, which opened last year in December, released two new piano scores for "The Last Emperor" and "Gui" today! Please check it out.

"The Last Emperor"

The main theme from the film "The Last Emperor" (directed by Bernardo Bertolucci), released in 1987. Sakamoto was the first Asian composer to win the Academy Award for Best Original Score and many other world-acclaimed music awards, such as the Golden Globe and Grammy awards.
It is one of Sakamoto's most renowned music, loved by listeners worldwide for decades, and he has performed it numerous times during concerts and tours.
Various music publishers have released many of their own versions of the score, but the latest piano score by Ryuichi Sakamoto himself is available only on this score store.

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The theme for the documentary film "Kamejiro: The U.S. Military's Most Feared Man" (directed by Tadahiko Sako), released in 2019.
Sakamoto wrote the music for Kamejiro Senaga, who challenged the oppression of the U.S. military head-on in post-war Okinawa under the occupation of America, and for the people of Okinawa. It is the first piano score produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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